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sp for Habari

sp theme screenshot

Work on/with the Habari blogging software includes the sp theme.


Random Features in no particular order


For Habari version 0.7
sp14-20110401.zip (v14, zipped up from hg revision: 78cebdfeb8c9) - sha1:6f55dd5a551b311ba00066e6cbcfdcbb4e109ad4
For the adventurous
If you're running Habari from svn trunk, you may enjoy sp's mercurial repository:
hg clone http://sp-theme.googlecode.com/hg/ sp
Deprecated Sp 6th edition, for Habari 0.6.x
sp6.tgz (v6, from git(1) tip 2009-04-18T04:10) - sha1:cd4cf177ee155773a7ffccb9e13073fad5126911


Sp at Google Code

Credits & License

The visual design of sp is inspired by Jeffrey Allen Hardy's Scribbish "theme for stuff" (MIT). Portions of sp source code were originally derived from the Mzingi theme by the Habari Community (ASL). Base CSS is provided by the CSS Boilerplate framework by Nathan Borror (BSD-like license).

Code derived from Simplish, Sp new material Copyright © 2009-2011 Utopian.net. All rights reserved. Sp is released with NO WARRANTY under the terms of the Apache License, version 2.0. See the NOTICE and LICENSE* files in the distribution for details.